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In 2017, Ranjeet Pattnayak, owner of Cheshire Jewels was in Dubai to promote the business. Ranjeet was part of the International Trade programme for the UK Government. Here he tells of his experience:

I held a few private exhibitions at one of the most beautiful hotels in Dubai. 

Before visiting, I had done some market research on fine jewellery in the UAE (United Arab Emirates).

My market research told me a lot about the popular and likeable  jewellery and gemstones over in the UAE, for example many local women prefer to wear coloured stone jewellery especially large, unusual gemstones. I had some beautiful, designer gemstone jewellery with me and I was able to showcase those jewellery to the visitors at the exhibition. They loved the stunning, vibrant colours and the different varieties of jewellery I could offer.

The customers at the private exhibition were fascinated by the jewellery and the gemstones I had with me. They were interested in the source of the gemstones, the design and manufacturing, 

The customers were informed about our close association with manufacturers  in Hong Kong, India and South Africa. We explained that we have been doing business with them for many years and have built great relationships.  

There were many at those  private exhibitions in Dubai who not only fell in love with our designs but also the price for these high quality gemstones!

I also had some other customers there, technically called British Expats, they also loved the designs and asked me about the brand. I,  told them the designs are from Cheshire Jewels! One of them was amazed as he was from Manchester originally! He was hugely impressed with the brand, the beauty of the gemstones and the unique, bespoke jewellery designs that we can create. He was looking for a gemstone ring for his wife and he bought one! 

I was really excited to see customers who turned up at my exhibitions in Dubai. I found clients from the UK, Germany, France and Australia besides local UAE customers. 

Many  customers at the jewellery exhibition asked me about the Cheshire region, and the Cheshire Jewels brand itself as well! I managed to sell not only our beautiful, bespoke jewellery, but  also persuaded a lot of customers to visit Cheshire too! 

It was indeed a fascinating experience in Dubai. Apart from the Cheshire Jewels brand promotion, I was also able to create more awareness about Cheshire, one of the most beautiful counties in the UK!

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